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Agrojay Application

1. Download Our App

1.1 Select language
1.2 Put mobile no. and name
1.3 Verify OTP

Agrojay Application

2. Create your plot and account

Farmer can create his plot with plot details like crop name,crop variety, soil type and geo tagging

Agrojay Application
Agriculture Application

3. Application Dashboard

Agrojay is farm-based mobile aggregator system. It is a complete solution to the farmer for agronomy, accounting, education, reminder, awareness, marketing. Agronomist or Agropreneur can register with us a service provider and he can use a system to increase his good work.

4. Farmer's discussion

Progressive farmer can discuss with each other to get solution for his problem.

5. Get Expert Advice

Farmer can select as per crop , location , variety - agronomist for his crop and agronomist can provide solution via application

Agriculture Application
Agriculture Application

6. Help

Farmer will get knowledge about his crop , new technology , new equipment and agriculture news

7. Lab

Farmer can access soil labs, petiol labs and sample testing lab via android application.

8. Register your business

Agropreneur can register his business and he can pramote business products with agrojay.

Agriculture Application