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Why farmers today need to take up precision agriculture

Why farmers today need to take up precision agriculture

Why farmers today need to take up precision agriculture

A data and innovation-based farm management framework recognizes, examinations, and manages variability in fields by directing yield production practices at the perfect spot and time and in the correct manner, for ideal profitability, maintainability and security of the land asset.

Although a significant research effort has been consumed, it is still just a bit of farmer who has rehearsed a kind of precision agriculture (PA) innovations framework way to deal with re-organizing out the complete arrangement of farming towards low-input, high-proficiency, and sustainable agriculture.

Precision agriculture is a methodology where information sources are used in exact amounts up to get expanded normal yields, compared with traditional development procedures. In India, one significant issue is the small field size. More than 58% of operational property in the nation has a size short than one hectare (ha).

Just in the state of Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Gujarat accomplish more than 20% of agricultural grounds have an operational holding size of in excess of four ha.

Sustainable PA is this current century's most significant strategy in farm management that depends on utilizing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). This is the latest advancement innovation dependent on sustainable farming and healthy food creation and it includes profitability and expanding production, economic effectiveness, and the decrease of results on the climate.


Research recommends economic and educational challenges as the two generally significant in the use of precision agriculture. Among the factors that add to educational challenges, the absence of nearby experts, funds, and knowledgeable research have a greater amount of effect compared with others. Precision agriculture and beginning expenses have a greater amount of effect among the financial-economic challenges compared with different issues.

Why precision farming

To expand agriculture productivity/profitability

Prevents soil erroision

Minimizes chemical application in crop production

Proficient utilization of water assets

Dissemination of modern farm practices to improve the quality, the diminished expense, and quantity of production

Developing good perspectives

Precision farming changing the financial status of farmers


Agronomical perspective

Technical perspective

Environmental perspective

Economic perspective

Precision farming empowers environment smart agri-business

Environment smart farming is vital for accomplishing the objective. Precision farming at the proper level in food uncertain nations is likewise a powerful asset whenever it is applied appropriately, based upon local yield and site-explicit conditions. Thusly, the selection of new procedures in less-developed territories should begin with a fundamental, reasonable, and effective mix of methods and practices.

Agricultural extension via digital advisory services

Adoption of best practices is basic and digital communication is important to connect the innovation gap. Farming extension assumes a vital part in innovation dissemination and the private area is progressively dynamic in this area.

Today, Digital Advisory Services (DAS) are either important for the contribution of input providers or independent for-profit, typically, start-up stages. In the primary case and with few special cases, existing free Digital Advisory Services is a separate tool to promote the utilization of the manufacturers' core items. The fundamental obstructions to Digital Advisory Services selection are restricted digital foundation and illiteracy, zones where India has important benefits over the greater part of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Drip water irrigation system

Its benefits over different kinds of water irrigation system for improving yields, drip water system is the best delivery framework for solvent fertilizers. It drastically lessens the spread of weeds and the requirement for herbicides.

Solar pumps

Solar pumps that lift well water to take care of feed drip frameworks are an advantage multiplier. However, the presentation of solar pumps is delayed despite their zero-carbon impression and low-support photovoltaic innovation. As indicated by official estimates, more than twenty million well pumps work today in India, generally split among electric and diesel at a solar unit cost going from $1,500 to $10,000 for various farmers. Changes to subsidy arrangements now in progress may help make ready for mass appropriation and consequently further increment the part of private firms contributing to the proliferation of solar pumps.

Soil and crop checking

Imagery-equipped drones are frequently technically and monetarily moderate for little rancher networks, additionally especially appropriate for little plots and agreement farming. Early identification and correction of soil and yield insufficiencies is a mutually beneficial suggestion for the two farmers and off-takers. Whenever purchased and operated by huge agri-organizations, the interest in drones and symbolism investigation can be calculated into the product value paid to ranchers.


Innovations incorporate a huge array of apparatus of hardware, equipment, and software

Global Positioning System (GPS) recipients

Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)

Geographic information systems (GIS)

Distant detecting/ remote sensing

Variable Rate Applicator

Mix harvesters with crop monitors

Disadvantages of PA Precision Agriculture

High expense

Absence of technical expertise information and innovation

Not appropriate or difficult/expensive for little land property

Policies way to deal with advanced Precision agriculture at the farm level

Recognize the niche zones for the promotion of harvest specific precision agriculture

Making of multidisciplinary groups including farming scientists in different fields, engineers, manufacturers, and financial specialists to examine the overall extent of precision agriculture

Give total technical backup to the farmers to create pilots or models, which can be reproduced for an enormous scope

A pilot study should be led on ranchers' fields to show the consequences of precision agriculture execution

Making awareness among ranchers about outcomes consequences of applying imbalanced portions of farm inputs like water irrigation system, fertilizers, insecticides sprays, and pesticides.