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Why Agrojay has done aggregation of Agronomist

Why Agrojay has done aggregation of Agronomist

As we know that Indian Agriculture sector is Massive. 

Farmers need knowledge about his plant pathology, plant growth or the income he generated by farming and related to his agriculture businesses. So that’s why Agojay decided to the aggregation of the agronomist.

There are some of people who have the knowledge about the agriculture mainly known as Agronomist. Means executing agronomy on a farm field and understanding farmer’s crop situations based on giving them advice and taking charges from the farmers for the knowledge that agronomist provided.

When we see the past of the agriculture, before 15-20 years ago there is no agronomist, no consultant, no doctors but now a days due to weather forecasting, continues changes into the weather, continues changes into to the medicine’s/fertilizers, pesticides due to the major impacts on the plant growth So that’s why now a days farmers started taking a advisory, consultancy related to plant growth.

After doing a ground level survey in the Indian market, we got to know that agronomist doing very good job at farm level. Agronomist going to the farm level individually and executing there business with farmers and taking some charges but one agronomist is only able to go maximum100-200 plot or farmers. Because farmers only know few agronomist but in the Agrojay app we connected more than 35 agronomist where in this app farmers  will able to know all agronomist and call then to your farm so because of this it is easy to connect with various agronomist.

Agronomist can go to the farm field and guide. But his knowledge, education or his awareness is about soil or agriculture related and other factors are limited.

So, we enrolled that agronomist in our system so he will get know about more farmers

We already attached 35+ agronomists in our system those agronomists are going to the farm level

We provide agronomist + farmers services via Agrojay application.

Only the 30% farmers are interested to take the agronomy advisor from all over the India and from that only 10% are paying to the agronomist.

Basically in the village farmers only knows the one agronomist so farmers don’t know about other agronomist that why aggregation is necessary.



Agronomist can’t reach to the farmers

He don’t know about digitalization

Accounting problem

Bad at management problem


Agrojay Agronomist

Agrojay is a digital platform designed to assist farmers in agriculture.

Agronomist or Agropreneur can register with us a service provider and he can use system to increase his good work.

Farmers can send enquiry to consultant (agronomist) for consultancy and consultant will get message about farmer’s enquiry. After farmer sent enquiry, consultant (agronomist) can verify farmers on his system.

Consultant (agronomist) will get reminder for field visit from farmers and system as per his schedule.

Consultant (agronomist) can provide schedules of fertilizer, pesticides, water management to farmers.

Consultant (agronomist) can make a group of farmers and allocate one team members to check the farmers plot growth.

Consultant (agronomist) can maintain farmer wise visit reports.

Consultant (agronomist) can provide to his farmers crop disease management.

Consultant (agronomist) can chat with his farmers personally accordingly plot.