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The sun is sparkling and the temperatures are rising. Summer is the best time to appreciate new and delicious tomatoes. Tomato isn't just a perfect vegetable to have in diet yet additionally is a brilliant plant to develop in your nursery.

Health advantages:

Tomatoes are a fortune of wealth with regard to health advantages. Tomatoes of all colors convey a lot of nutrients A and C. A medium tomato, for example, is low in carbohydrates and has just had 35 calories however gives you 40% of the nutrient C and 20% of the nutrient A you requirement for the day. On the off chance that you are planning to slim down, this veggie is an unquestionable requirement on your rundown. Tomatoes have different advantages, as well. Expending an eating regimen wealthy in tomatoes has been appeared to diminish the danger of cancer. This is on the grounds that tomatoes and handled tomato items have significant levels of a nutrient called lycopene, an incredible cancer prevention agent. Lycopene may forestall just as treat a few sorts of cancer.

The research proposes it additionally may help prevent the LDL "bad" cholesterol in the circulation system from being changed over to oxidize LDL that can frame plaques in conduits and increment the danger of heart attacks.

It is easy to grow, refreshing to harvest, and adds a highlight to your nursery with brilliant red natural fruits. You should simply follow these 5 straightforward advances and 1sft of territory in a bright spot to reap your new tomatoes.


Easy steps to grow tomatoes:                 

  • Soak the tomato seeds for the time being and sow it in the moist seed trays. Continuously ensure there is sufficient moisture for seeds to absorb and develop.

  • After 25-30 days from seed planting, tomatoes saplings are fit to be transplanted in your nursery. Cautiously jump out the sapling from the tray and transplant in the planter box.

  • Nutrient management: Spray the plants with Purna grow+ on a fortnightly premise and exchange with bloom+, when you begin watching the blossoms. Other, fortnightly use of fertilizer will demonstrate useful to plant growth.

  • Prune the older leaves regularly not only avoids pests but also reaps you a good harvest.

  • Aphids, Miley bugs, blight, blossom end rot are not many of the common pests and diseases observed with tomato plants. A genius dynamic spray of Garlic extract or herbal extract on a week by week premise can avoid most of the pests.

You can begin to appreciate the collect by around 135 - 150 days depending upon the variety you from.