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Smart Farming Solution Agrojay Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Smart Farming Solution Agrojay Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Smart Farming is focussed on the utilization of information obtained through different sources (historical, geographical and instrumental) in the administration of farm activities. Innovatively progressed doesn’t basically imply that it is a brilliant framework. Smart frameworks separate themselves through their capacity to record the information and sense out of it. Smart farming utilizes equipment (IoT) and programming (SaaS) to catch the information and give insights into knowledge to deal with all the procedures on the farm, both pre and post-harvest. The information is composed, available constantly and brimming with information on each part of account and field activities that can be observed from any place on the planet.



The same arrangement of practices for the development of harvest all through the area

Geo-tagging and zone detection not possible

Manual support of all the field and money information separately leading to errors

No real way to predict climate

Use of fertilizers and pesticides all through the field


Each farm is examined to see the reasonable harvests and water necessities for improvement

Satellite imagery distinguishes the various zones in farms.

Early recognition and application at the influenced area just, saving costs

Weather analysis and prediction

Field and fund information accessible in the same spot indicating the profits, yields, and examples with basic reports.


Cloud-based programming is utilized for the administration of financial related and field exercises of farms. Prior to computers, farmers kept up information physically by keeping extensive records on papers. This technique was inclined to human computation errors. After the computer boom during the 1980s, it was not long before finance software, for example, Money Counts came to market. They utilized spreadsheets to keep up the monetary information. The greatest test that farmers faced was the failure to oversee field information. These programming projects were utilized to keep up fund information as it were. Around the mid-2000s, satellite picture use with apparatuses like Raven Receiver for field zone following turned out to be generally utilized. Farmers needed to execute and arrange various instruments to oversee total farm operation. With steady enhancements during that time Agritech SaaS has gotten across the board device for the board of every one of these exercises and more at one spot through a solitary instrument.

What are the benefits of smart farming using SaaS solutions?

Promptly accessible and open administration through smartphones, tablets, and PCs

Strong and adaptable framework for Farm Management

Traceability & Output Predictability

Accountable & Efficient Operations

Alert Log and Management (pest infestation, diseases, illnesses, etc.)

Satellite and weather input based advisory

Harvest reports and insights — simple providing details regarding the-go

Geotagging for accountability & accurate predictability

Incorporates start to finish arrangements from farm to fork traceability

Better return as data sources are streamlined and continually monitored

Better quality because of the consistency of food norms and nutrition tracking

Less waste due to customized works on representing exact use of assets and consequently a decrease in production costs