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POLYHOUSE CULTIVATION Agrojay Innovations Pvt Ltd

POLYHOUSE CULTIVATION Agrojay Innovations Pvt Ltd

Polyhouse/Greenhouse development is the development of crops under completely controlled environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, fertilizers, and so on with the automated framework. It is evaluated that we can earn around 6-7 lakhs for every section of land net benefit in a year by following legitimate polyhouse development practices. For the most part Cucumber, Summer squash, Brinjal, Tomato, Bell pepper, and agriculture cut flowers like Rose, Gerbera, and so on are developed in polyhouse condition. As the harvests developed in the open field are presented to changed natural conditions like an attack of insect pests and infections, poly houses give increasingly steady and reasonable conditions for the crops.


Based on the environmental control system, polyhouses can be divided into two types

a) Naturally ventilated polyhouse

These polyhouses/greenhouses don't have any environmental control framework with the exception of satisfactory ventilation and fogger framework office, for the most part, to keep the crops from adverse climate conditions and other normal pests and sicknesses.

b) Environmental controlled polyhouse

These polyhouses are developed primarily to broaden the developing time of crops or to expand the slow time of year creation of crops by controlling the light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide level, and the nature of rooting medium in the polyhouses.


Based on the suitability and cost of construction, polyhouses can be further divided into three types.

a) Low cost or low tech polyhouse

This is a straightforward minimal effort polyhouse structure which is built utilizing locally accessible materials, for example, bamboo, timber, and so on. A defensive covering of ultraviolet (UV) film is utilized as a cladding material. No particular control gadgets are accommodated directing natural parameters as if there should arise an occurrence of cutting edge polyhouses. Yet, straightforward procedures like expanding or diminishing the temperature and humidity are adopted. Likewise, the light intensity can be diminished by putting conceal materials like nets. This sort of polyhouse is primarily appropriate for cold climatic zone where the temperature can be decreased in summer by opening the side walls. These kinds of polyhouses are utilized as rain shelter during crop production.

b) Medium-tech polyhouse

This sort of polyhouse is developed by utilizing galvanized iron (G.I) pipes. Screws are connected to the structures for the shelter cover. The whole structure is fixed to the ground so as to withstand the unsettling influences from the wind. Exhaust fans with the thermostat are given so as to control the temperature. Cooling cushions and mists are additionally organized to keep up the ideal humidity inside the polyhouses. These polyhouses are most appropriate for dry and composite climatic zones where part of care and consideration must be kept up with uniform conditions all through the cropping period.

c) Hi-tech polyhouse

In this sort of polyhouses, an automatic control framework is given to control the whole scope of environmental parameters so as to beat a portion of the difficulties of medium-tech polyhouses.