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FPO Model of Agrojay

FPO Model of Agrojay

Digitizing the agriculture for a safer, Transparent and Traceable of FPO

Agrojay is a digital agriculture platform to make the supply chain connected, clean, traceable and transparent

Supply chain participants in the pre-harvest lifestyle use our multi-lingual mobile application to track the produce from sowing until harvesting and participants in the post-harvest lifestyle use our web based application to future track and trace journey of the producer/product.

  • FPO (Farmer Producer Organization) = FPC (Farmer Producer Company)

Helping famers to sustain and grow their business with brand sell and system

We are providing brand and system due to this sell automatically increases.

  • FPO: - Helping FPO to sustain and grow their business with Brand, Sales and system. 


  • Decision Dashboard:-

Decision dashboards for famers, field staff, producer organizations and businesses to track farmer enrolment, farm mapping, Farm activity progress, harvest and goods received tracking etc.

  • Onboarding Farmer :-

On-board and validate claims from various stake holders such as FPO’s, Farmers, certification agencies, Processors, Buyers etc.

Join existing farmer - who is already member 

Join new farmer - new member. 

If FPO type is organic then tool to manage their certificates.

  • Who can onboard: - 


Group Admin: - new joining and approved crops and assign plot (Farm) with last long. 

  • Pre Harvesting management:- 

Crop planning for different seasons, configure package of practices for each crop, monitor and track farm activities, monitor near real time crop growth. Current weather alerts and weather forecasting. Intelligent crop insight. Market prices, Production planner, Harvest dashboard for tracking harvest progress.
Plot (Farm) verification and guaranty for sale.

Agronomist - if need then allocation at farmer level. 

Seed Selection

Bulk buying of pesticides and fertilizer.

Agri equipment utilization.

Manpower assign- Lab or enrolment


  • Harvesting analysis :- 

Knowledge of Crop pattern in area 

Profit loss management 

Harvesting date and time allocation and finalization. 


  • Post-Harvest Management :-

Flexible post-harvest processing and manufacturing cionfiguration, Good receipt notes, Storage, Inventory management.


  • Key Points of FPO

The objective of the concept of FPO is to organize farmers into a collective to improve their bargaining strength in the market.

They are owned and governed by shareholder farmers (or artisans) and administered by professional managers.

They adopt all the good principles of cooperatives and the efficient business practices of companies and also seek to address the inadequacies of the cooperative structure.

A Farmer Producer Company can be formed by any 10 or more primary producers or by two or more producer institutions, or by a contribution of both. They can undertake activities related to production, harvesting, procurement, grading, pooling, marketing, processing, etc., of agricultural produce.

Non-producers seeking to invest in these companies as shareholders are precluded under the statute concerned.