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Human health is subject to the food that they consume and eventually the soil health which supplies required supplements for the plant or harvest thus to the buyer. In India, the farmers are practicing traditional agriculture techniques for yield creation. Some way or other farmers are harvesting the yield on one side yet on the opposite side the soil fertility or soil health is getting weakened.

Conventional production systems like

Utilization of high yielding varieties,

Serious utilization of chemical fertilizers cum pesticides and

Broad culturing activities acquainted with our nation by the impact of Green transformation have become the fundamental explanations behind soil quality degradation.

The supportability of the soil in the agricultural creation systems is the most significant issue present in agriculture. The farming framework is reasonable in any event when the nature of the soil, water, and climate are made beneficial and kept up. The utilization and use of chemical fertilizers to the soil by our farmers is a significant factor in the agricultural creation system which influences the sustainability of the production system.

The present agricultural practices has constrained farmer to utilize high portions of chemical fertilizers to the yields without appropriate information on crops, their developing science and furthermore about fertilizers and their use. The informal method for utilizing fertilizers (irregularity applications) has gotten a genuine risk to the sustainable agricultural production system.

Scope for the improvement

Soil test-based fertility the executives may be one of a methodology for supportable agricultural creation framework. The as a matter of first importance advantage of a Soil testing gives data in regards to supplement accessibility in soils which shapes the reason for the compost proposal for most extreme harvest yields.

Five reasons to go for soil testing and analysis

Exclusive cultivation of soil consistently drags out supplements and without putting an adequate sum once again into the soil prompts soil get unfit for the creation of harvests in the future. The option of the supplements to the soil by assessing the necessities help to choose and add the supplements as indicated by the qualities with the goal that soil health isn't affected.

The Electrical conductivity [EC] is resolved which is a significant soil factor required for the usage of applied supplements.

The soil pH number decided to depict whether the soil is pretty much acidic. The most significant factor for root development, nutrient trade, water trade, and for microbial population health.

Organic Matter is another significant segment is resolved in the soil test, as this is a significant source of nutrients and support soil in soil water holding and nutrient holding limit.

A soil test will decide the accessible and replaceable basic nutrients present in the sample of land. Here the nutrients necessary for specific harvest can be assessed and recommended to include.