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Be farmed with Agrojay

Be farmed with Agrojay

Gone are the days when farmers used to struggle to get fundamental data or direction about which farming executes they should use in their farms for better outputs. Presently they can get such data in a hurry in a single click!

The story of Agrojay is an inspiring record of entrepreneurship, steadiness, and of creating and executing fruitful business methodologies and strategies. Agrojay is the main Desi Search Engine grew exceptionally for farmers

Agrojay is a digital platform designed to assist farmers in farming

1. Farmers can contact the lab and research institute directly.

2. The farmer can find an agricultural scientist for his crop and also give him ratings and feedback.

3. Farmers can predict before harvest.

4. Farmers can contact buyers directly and sell them before harvesting.

5. Farmers can easily connect with growers of pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural equipment.

6. Farmers can discuss their problems and solutions with each other.

India is an agricultural country. We have just about 6 lac towns in the nation and right around 65-70% population is reliant on the income that originates from the sale of Agro yields. To build the creation and being reliable in the equivalent, we should embrace a method that will prompt the reliably expanded yield production. Agrojay will present to you the advanced procedures and instruments with which mechanization of cultivating can be accomplished. Mechanized farming is the need of time. Following PM Modi's 'Digital India' crusade, we should energize farm automation in India. Agrojay strongly supports the 'Digital India' campaign and promises to take a strive for improvement of Indian cultivating in near future.

Agrojay is a digital platform designed to assist farmers in agriculture. We connected 25000+ farmers and 169+ agribusiness from Maharashtra. Agri entrepreneur can register with us a service provider on a SAS based model and he can use a system to increase his good work. Agrojay is a complete solution to the farmer for agronomy, accounting, education, reminder, awareness, and marketing. We are currently working from Nashik location, especially for farmers and agriculture businesses. We are providing service to 25000+ farmers and 169+ agribusiness. our currently targeted farmers for minimal viable products are from Maharashtra, it has all varieties of crops and different types of farmers with a different belief, so we selected Maharashtra at the initial stage.

The farmer can do a Smart Analysis of every activity like Plot-wise Export, Plot-wise Income, Locally sold yield, etc. We use a combination of the latest research and development to ensure our Indian Farmers can address their daily farming challenges with information and confidence. Using Agrojay application, the farmer will start a center of information on his own structure/farm, says an agricultural laboratory or agricultural information store, through which, every farmer in Maharashtra can get the information that he wants for any crop and get satisfactory results from those crops.

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