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Anand Agro Care with Agrojay Innovations Pvt Ltd

Anand Agro Care with Agrojay Innovations Pvt Ltd

A. Anand agro care with Agrojay

1. Branding and Promotions:

Agrojay provides business branding and promotions so Anand Agro Care businesses will get to know by farmers.

2. Reviews and Feedback:

This is the key source of business the decision of product manufacturers is depend on the existing feedback of the farmers.

3. Lead creation:

Agrojay creating leads for Anand Agro Care business (products and services via visibilities of the business (products or services ) in front of the right users.

4. Education and awareness:

The business needs awareness of the farmers in his area. Also, the beliefs of farmers are majorly important towards Anand Agro Care products and services.

5. Real-time farmer connects:

Nowadays real-time and right customer feedback and information with customer behavior is more important to every business

6. Blogs 

Anand agro care posted various blogs related to knowledge so it will help the company to get in search engine.

7. Anand Agro Care Business listing with products visibility on Google search Engine

Various business Directories submission is so due to this Ananad agro care visible in Search engine.

B. About Anand Agro Care

Anand Agro Care Vision is to be a Trusted Name in Agriculture through the delivery of organic, non-toxic and innovative products for the agricultural needs with Moto of ensuring the farm produce simply “Food as Medicine. We want to see the farm produce of our valuable customers at a global level.

Anand Agro Care Mission is to produce and provide High Quality, Research and Development backed Innovative Agriculture products to Farmers that sustainably increase crop yields, maintain ethical standards in business operation also ensuring benefit to the farmers and the society at large.

Anand Agro Care, Nashik (India) established in the year 2009 is one of the well-known enterprises highly engrossed in the manufacturing and supplying of Biofertilizers, Biopesticides, Bio fungicides, Bio nematicides, Herbal extracts, Micronutrients, and plant growth promoters, etc. We are emerging as an agriculture company dedicated to research & development, production and commercialization of environment friendly certified organic products for the growth and sustainability of agriculture.

Being an ISO 9001:2015 registered company we are committed to total customer satisfaction, and compliance with all regulatory bodies at all stages.


C. About Agrojay

Agrojay is a digital platform designed to *assist farmers in agriculture*.

Agrojay Digital Agricultural platform will help the farmers for the following:

1. Farmers can directly connect with labs and research institutes.

2. Farmers can find agronomists for his crop, also he can give ratings and feedback to him.

3. Farmers can get pre harvesting predictions.

4. Farmers can directly connect with *buyers and before harvesting, they can sell*.

5. Farmers can easily connect with *manufacturers of pesticides, fertilizer, Agri equipment.

6. Farmers can discuss their *problem and solution* with each other.