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Agriculture Android Application for Digital Farmer

Agriculture Android Application for Digital Farmer

Agriculture Android Application for Digital Farmer

Rural India is definitely moving towards digitalization and innovation nowadays. According to reports of 'The Rising Connected Consumer in Rural India', an examination by the Boston Consulting Group, this portion of rural India will bounce to 48% by 2020. Digital India, dispatched in 2015 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi which points towards the advancement of digital proficiency and formation of digital infrastructure, is evidently helping Rural India to pick up this accomplishment of the cultivating community. Also, while 58% of Indian family units actually rely upon Agriculture as their most prominent source of business, it's an ideal opportunity to give more focus on Digital Agriculture for a developing and prosperous India.

Agriculture Android applications are the most helpful and valuable medium to manage farmers in farming. It gives you the rule for doing the best possible logical method of farming, crop development, planting, or harvesting of crops or vegetables. Farmers can undoubtedly tackle their farming issues identified with pest or insect attack or any issues which put them in a trouble. An agriculture android application can be the best for farmers in farming which can upgrade their efficiency without spending money. You can undoubtedly download the agriculture android application from your Google play store without paying money.

Agriculture Android Application for Digital Farmer

Agrojay- Agri Doctor- Farming & Agriculture App (Best Agricultural App)

Agrojay Innovation Pvt. Ltd. is working for farmers. So they came up with the Agrojay android application for farmers, where farmers can get benefits digitally through the android application all over India.

Agrojay Company in Nashik has a vision that financial independence for all farmers, Focused on the organic product so the end consumer will get quality food.

It was launched by Agrojay Innovation Pvt. Ltd. in 2019 towards the empowerment of farmers and the advancement of villages. It’s been more than a year we have already connected more than 25000+ farmers and more than 556+ agribusiness.

The agriculture android application configuration is neat and offers an easy to understand interface and gives data on the current climate, weather and furthermore, forecasting, Research, Lab Soil, Petiole, Sample & Fertilizer, Crop Monitoring, Agronomist, Plot Analysis, Buyers, Pre Harvest Management. The choice to utilize the agriculture application in various languages makes it all the more generally available. It additionally gives agricultural guidance and news with respect to the government’s agricultural approaches and schemes.

It is planned with specific instruments to analyze or give information on various parts of farming habits. Agrojay agriculture application also offers helpline numbers to get in touch with Agrojay Innovation Call Centre Services.

It's a total farmer application that gives total data on Crop Production, Crop Protection, and all-important farming allied services.

If the farmers can have any problem related to their crops. They can simply take a photo and post it on the application. Agrojay agriculture application has a section called “Krushi charcha”, where a farmer can upload their photo and ask their questions. Within 24 hours agronomist of agrojay team will give you the answer. Even if the other farmers will know the answer they also give the answer.

Services available on Agrojay Agriculture Android Application

Agronomist (Plant pathologist, Scientist, Consultants, Agronomist)

Agri Services (Soil Petioles, Water Testing Lab, Sample & Fertilizer)

Manufacture (Pesticides, Fertilizers)

Krushi Seva Kendra (Dealer, Distributor, Retailer)

FPO (FPO, Bachat Gat, ATMA Gat)

Agri-Business (Buyers) (Food Processing Unit, Supermarkets, Malls, Wholesale buyers)

Educational Industries (Agri Student, University, Field Student)