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The total population is developing to as much as 10 billion individuals by the center of the century. This development joined with the quickening urbanization will require farming creation to double. To succeed, we need smart solutions from farm to fork for healthy, reasonably created, and economical food, feed, and fiber.

In India, over a large portion of the population is reliant on farming, which added to 16% of GDP. It is here, in a segment that basically gives food to the whole nation's population, that the utilization of innovation can be the most inescapable and advantageous.

Innovation formulated explicitly for cultivating and agriculture is still in an incipient stage, with most agri-tech organizations having been established and financed in the previous decade, and it will have a catalyzing sway on the agriculture segment. Agri-tech stations develop to give prescient capacities that can assist farmers with being set up ahead of time to alleviate any potential risks. The usage of innovation, for example, Big Data investigation, Artificial Intelligence, Geo-labeling, and Satellite checking guarantees significant experiences to partners at various degrees of the agriculture ecosystem.

When a farm is digitized, every one of its tasks becomes recognizable, quantifiable, and straightforward. Information is continually being gathered over the chain, and this implies the invested individual can survey what are the torment focuses being looked along with the entire worth and flexibly chain. Progressions in figuring limit help process the information in an insignificant time, guaranteeing that examination and resulting move can be made rapidly and conclusively.

Farming organizations are progressively utilizing this information to accomplish better yields and results for themselves and their clients. The advantages will likewise overflow to the retailers and purchasers, who can without much of a stretch check the validness and nature of what they're purchasing and selling.

Agrojay is a digital platform designed to assist farmers in farming.

  • Farmers can contact the lab and research institute directly.
  • The farmer can find an agronomist for his crop and also give him ratings and feedback.
  • Farmers can predict before harvest.
  • Farmers can contact buyers directly and sell them before harvesting.
  • Farmers can easily connect with growers of pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural equipment.
  • Farmers can discuss their problems and solutions with each other.

Agrojay connects more than 25000 farmers and more than 168 Agribusiness